Key Benefits

EAP Key Benefits

  • EAP Key Benefits

The Key Benefits of an EAP Program 

  • Identify and resolve personal and work related issues before they negatively impact your workplace
  • Improved management practices and decision making capacity by staff through access to professional assistance to deal with those often difficult and complex employee issues.
  • Increased commitment and engagement of employees (termed “presenteeism”) and  reduced workplace absenteeism due to the improvement in personal life distractions and issues.
  • Providing an early intervention for troubled employees thus reducing the necessity for management intervention and/or a budget “blow-out”.
  • Reduced workplace conflicts and grievance , disciplinary action , staff turnover and loss of technical expertise.
  • Reduced costs due to continual management involvement – lost time, potential claims, dismissal, cost of hiring and retraining.
  • Managers can actively encourage and facilitate employee contact with Mentor Service while holding employees accountable for addressing personal problems impacting upon safety and performance.
  • Improving morale – seen as an excellent employee benefit for employers of choice.
  • Reduced WHS risks by having a proactive system in place for supporting your employees mental health
  • Reduced costs associated with workers compensation and industrial relations cases for issues such as safety risks, employee grievances and legal claims.