The Manager Hotline allows you to confidentiality contact experienced consultants who will  provide professional advice and support to help you  better manage staff and resolve workplace issues.

  1. What is the function of the Manager Hotline?
  2. How do I access it?   
  3. How will it improve manager performance?    
  4. What are some of the common issues it is accessed for?   


1. What is the function of the Manager Hotline?

Mentor Services Manager Hotline is designed to assist managers and supervisors with difficult employee management issues.  Whereas the EAP focuses on clinical counselling issues, the Manager Hotline has been developed to confidentially support managers and to give them the skills and confidence as leaders to tackle the more challenging people management situations such as managing employee performance, conflict within teams and organisational change.

Managers today are faced with complex situations and demands, and employee issues that impact on performance. Many will have to deal with difficult people or circumstances as part of their role. As a result many line managers are stressed because they are forced to spend time and energy away from their core operational roles and struggle to maintain team morale and productivity.

Leaders that deal with conflict effectively are more respected and report better work results. With over 25 years’ experience in psychology, HR management and organisational strategy, Mentor Services provides the opportunity for managers to obtain professional advice and lead more effectively.

Our experienced consultants provide professional support to managers , supervisors, team leaders and other senior personnel in relation to people management issue such as  interpersonal conflict, supporting staff through a traumatic incident or workplace injury, underperformance, effective management and support of troubled employees , the management of staff through organisational change and other difficult  issues.

Our Manager Hotline provides confidential advice and referral services to assist with the management of these issues.
This telephone-based service is designed to support managers in proactively address issues at an early stage.

2. How do I access it? 

Managers can make contact with our consultants by telephoning our toll free contact number [1300 727 308) and request a Manager Hotline Appointment. A telephone consultation will be provided with one of our senior psychologists who have expertise and experience in people management issues.
Assistance can be either using face to face sessions or telephone assistance.
The service is confidential, so no identifying information regarding a Managers use of the service to your organisation will be provided by Mentor Services.

3. How will it improve manager performance ? 

Advice and professional support received from the Hotline service will assist managers to

  • Gain a clearer understanding of organisational issues and how to resolve or overcome them
  • Form stronger professional relationships with direct reports, and directors/managers
  • Develop improved assertiveness, self-assurance and leadership strength
  • Become quicker to move to action in dealing with issues
  • Manage interpersonal conflict more effectively
  • Confidently respond to staff whose problems are having an impact on work;
  • Assist a staff member who is not coping with change
  • Improve team relationships and functioning.

4. What are some of the issues it is accessed for? 

Some of the typical issues that managers access the hotline with are:

  • Responding to aggressive or confrontational situations
  • How to advise a team about to undergo a major change or restructuring .Implementing change and transition management
  • How to encourage staff with high needs or ‘reluctance’ to access the Employee Assistance Program . Identifying signs of stress and mental illness I
  • Manage performance issues for employees with significant personal problems . Managing the balance between performance and well-being
  • Strategies for providing effective feedback to staff and managing potentially difficult conversations
  • Supporting staff on sick leave or on a “Return to Work Plan”
  • Managing staff members identified as at risk of harm
  • Understanding the impact of a mental illness or other psychological issues and respond to a situation where an employee is at risk of self-harm .
  • Manage vulnerable and distressed employees
  • Managing performance issues or conflicts within the team
  • Manage challenging interpersonal and team dynamics.
  • Managing conflict with individuals or within a team to Improve team functioning