Immediate Professional Advice to Support your Managers



Managers and supervisors frequently cite employee management as their most critical work role.

The Manager Hotline is a phone-based service designed to support managers and supervisors in proactively
addressing employee concerns  in a timely manner.

Managers can access professional advice, support and coaching to assist them to:

  • Manger difficult situations with practical and proven strategies
  • To debrief
  • Rehearse strategies

Whereas the EAP focuses on clinical counselling issues, the Manager Hotline has been developed to confidentially support managers as they work to achieve good working relationships with their staff for improved team performance and productivity. CLICK HERE for more information about the Manager Hotline Service.

Calls to the Manager Hotline are responded to as a priority.

Alternatively, an appointment for a telephone consultation at a convenient time can be arranged. CLICK HERE for contact details.