"Employee well-being… this a sound risk management investment"



Our experienced psychologists have been involved in critical incident management for over 25 years assisting our clients and emergency
service personnel across a wide range of industrial disasters and serious personal trauma incidents.

A critical incident can be overwhelming and cause distress likely to result in stress related claims and a decline in morale and performance. Planning and providing staff debriefing services can effectively:

  • Reduce the impact of the traumatic event
  • Facilitate the Return to Work Process
  • Restore focus and productivity in the workplace

Mentor Services is able to provide

  • Immediate access to psychologists to assess the situation
  • On-site response if indicated
  • Group/individual debriefing and on-going psychological counselling to facilitate recovery
  • Assessment and feedback to management
  • Follow-up counselling with client and employee CID Reports and case closure